Decade of Terror and LOSS!

“War on Terror” which was launched on a fake grounds a decade ago in response to attack on twin towers bring heavy losses to Pakistan especially its North West province of “Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa”. Only few areas of the province remain safe in this war against terrorism.

More than 500 hundreds schools were blown up in the province apart from other personal and government offices, millions of peoples left their native places and migrated to other parts of the country official statistics shows that. Economy, trade, culture, traditions…everything is badly affected in all respect and peoples of the province is on the threshold of nervous breakdown.

IN the beginning Afghanistan was focused of the US led Nato forces to combat terrorism in the region and than its shifted to Tribal Belt of Afghanistan which spills the war to settled areas of Province resulting emergence of “Taliban Movement” and endless series of terror and loss.

Swat valley was the first district to fall prey to the situation and heavy fighting was witnessed between Molana Fazllullah Taliban Movement and Pakistan Army resulting massive immigration in Pakistani history.

As the time pass this spill over war affected the nearby districts of Buner, Shangla, Dir and Malakand Agency. In 2009 Pakistani Army started operation in the area to wipe out the terrorist and now the situation is improving as the days click on. A the time when Taliban was active in Swat
their counterparts were also making grounds in other districts of Province such as Peshawar, Charsadda, Mardan, Nowshehra, DI Khan, Tank, Hangu and Hazara.

Most of the politicians and Public figures are tracing the bad days as a result of former dictator ill-mannered policies and low voice in front of US. 35 Thousands peoples lost their lives in consequences of this only in FATA and Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa region including 5 thousand security officials and moreover 8 thousands peoples get disability. Apart from this human capital loss Pakistan also suffers 50 Billions$ logistics and trade losses most of which fall in Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa.

At the outset Taliban attack Security officials and installment in different parts of the region which compel the security forces to restrict their movement and stay locked in their stations which on the other weaken the security apparatus in the province and provide space and opportunity
for the “outlawed” organizations and forces to grow up. This scenario made very devastating effect on public life and they lose their hope on the government and state machinery.

US and Pakistani establishment both are responsible for this serious consequences and losses as they failed to develop an adequate war policy to counter militancy in the region. In Musharaf dark era US and CIA were given free hand to move around and do whatever they want and consequential destabilization were seen all over the region. We prioritized US interests in the region sacrificing our own for the sake of US pleasure and International players without questioning into the matter.

Before this spill over war Pakhtoonkhawa was least developed and ignored region in compare to other parts of Pakistan and this long decade of war and terror downgraded it more to the bottom level. Due to militants attacks and military operations in the region heavy infrastructure losses were recorded including the provincial capital Peshawar which disables the state machinery to operate with optimum efficiency.

This decade long war have varied in pace through different course of time mostly depend upon the US and Pakistani establishment relations but there is no signs seen to the dead end of this meaningless war. The question is why the poor common man is suffering in between although he has nothing to do with the WAR?

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