Suicidal Decade

“War on terror” was launched a decade ago with the aim to “counter extremism and terrorism” from the global village but this decade means “oppression and suppression” for Pakistan. Pakistan agree to join US led assault on Afghanistan as “Front Line” ally to wipe out Taliban regime but without realizing that one day this war will be “spill over to its frontiers” with one reason or other. Soon after gaining feets in Afghanistan US led NATO and other “hidden forces” join hands to minimize Pakistani role and spread the violence and hate to its frontier and Tribal regions.

290 suicide attacks were carried out resulting death of 4,700 peoples and injuring more than 10,000 in the first decade of new millennium. Before going into this ‘useless war” the single suicide attack reported in the country was on “Egyptian Embassy” in Islamabad in which 15 peoples were died most of the Pakistani national security guards.

Soon after joining the US led coalition the situation change drastically and suddenly rocketing speed increase were seen in the attacks destabilizing peaceful cities and towns. In 2002 suicide attack happened in Sheraton Hotel Karachi which killed 11 French Engineers. Next year two other suicide attack were reported one in Quetta on a religious place and other on the than President “Dictator Musharaf” and luckily for him he escaped narrowly. And after this “suicide attacks” get momentum and frequency.

7 suicide attacks were happened in year 2004 with 89 deaths, 4 attacks were occur in year 2005 with 84 deaths and 161 peoples were died in 7 attacks during the year 2007. In July 2007 military operation were conducted against “Madrassa Students” of Lal Masjid which contribute the growing extremism and militancy in the region. At this year 54 suicide attacks were carried causing death of 765 peoples including the ex-prime minister Benazair Bhutto.

2008 and 2009 was the deadliest years on the chart with 59 and 76 suicide attacks causing death of 893 and 950 respectively.  In year 2010 number of suicide attacks decrease little bit but the destruction level went high up i.e. in 49 attacks 1167 peoples lost their life. 32 attacks are carried out in the current year claiming the life of more than 500 persons in which the recent one in Quetta is also included.

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