Honorable Buffalo and Cows

On a bright sunny day I was riding my bike and trying to make through the heavy traffic Traffic along the road leading to Baghdada. It was peak hours and many of the city dwellers were anxiously driving fast to escape the hot air breezing through the city. Air pollution and blitzing sun has prevailed low temper among the drivers and everyone was nervously blowing the horn to find their way. 

Suddenly everything comes to stand still!!!!

Crowd waited for 10 minutes but no movement was happening I tried to stand tall to get a glance whats happening in the front.? Why we stopped? any accident.? but was unable to see through the cars.

20 minutes later still no movement I get curious and start worrying about the long wait under mighty sunny afternoon.

I handed over bike to my friend and start walking to the front row to see what happened. 

When I reached I saw heart breaking scene. 

Two soldiers from “House of Might” was standing in guards position pointing their state own G3 rifle to the block traffic. Behind this protocol line Holy Cows and other sacrificial animals from the “House of Might” was crossing the Road in Queens pace.

Everyone from the traffic lines was amazed with the honor and respects their Lords Buffaloes and cows were receiving. The Queens walk continues to entertain the crowd for next 27minutes.

When the last cow in the parade enters the safe house of “Punjab Regiment Center” the guards on duty shouts “Pak Fuj Zindabad”.  The whole crowd replied loudly “Zindabad” with love in their hearts and smile on their face. 

Guards signaled for the resumption of traffic and suddenly the whole areas echoes with loud horns to race down towards their destination.
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