Fresh Blood of "Hate and Lying"

We should be really thankful to Imran Khan for pumping young blood once stand still life of Pakistani politics. This new generation of workers and leaders bring a whole new definition to the “political activities” and structure. With the help of these young leaders now we are passing through a complete new age of transformation in which every citizen of the country is looking for “new Faces” and “new system” which can truly satisfied their demands and improve their current standard of life.

We can debate about how, what when and where of this new “political vision and transformation” but we can not have second opinion that this new transformation severely damaged our social and cultural values of patience, love, respect, politics for being politics once we were proud of.

Looking back into the “rude history” of Pakistan the country was widely divided on ethnicity and language lines but now we have added another line of politics which is far more rude, insulting and disgusting. This new activism has sharply divided the same group of peoples (Linguistically or ethnically) with sharp blade of hate and lie. Their is one simple logic exist “You are Revolutionary” or “You are Traitor, You are supporting status quo, You are with bloody old politicians, you are fool”. For me this is far more dangerous than the extremism persuaded by Taliban.

We have to understand the logic of this world affairs, it is full of peoples and peoples are never ever supposed to be same in approach, physique, colors etc. The same understanding we have to observe in our political life. We should agree to disagree. Every person has the right to have difference in opinion and this should be widely accepted and appreciated rather than trolled away in the social media.

Fresh blood is very important to keep the political body warm and alive but at the same time need to be monitored regularly for any infections.

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