Legal Protest Vs Illegal MEANS

Pakistan is a very unique place on earth where peoples protest against political government with support and guidance of other “politicians” and destroy public service facilities by thinking that it will punish government to accept their demands. Our political history is full of these lively jokes and as a nation we embrace this kind of situation and called it “politics” and our own way of “freedom of expression and protest”.
This madness has no limit, no ideology, no political base, no religious affiliation and can be widely proved by situations aroused after death sentence of Zulfiqal Ali Bhutto, murder of Benazir Bhutto, arrest of Iltaf Hussain in London, publishing of blasphemous caricatures in Denmark, attack on Afghanistan, imposition of governor rule, national team defeat in cricket world cup semi-final and many more to count on.
Recently Tahir-ul-Qadri, Canadian-Pakistani National, along with his supporter arrived to Islamabad with the mission “to punish the government for its bad governance and lack of interest in public welfare”. But basically this mission was to relive our Pakistani definition of “Politics, freedoms of expression and protest”. The missions were planned to be completed by taking over national buildings, disrupting social life, damaging public properties and restricting access to economic well beings.   This mission has resulted violent clashes in the country capital resulting death of three “Pakistanis” through the hands of “Pakistani” while demanding rights for “Pakistani”.
Disgraceful episodes were staged by politicians and media to “discuss” the protest and start pointing responsibilities but with some vested business interest. But apart from this political and business game did we ever think about these protesting peoples with the notation of being Pakistani? No! Never!! As a matter of fact all these peoples dying in the shadow of politicians or political parties are never even consider as human being. They are “used” as tissue paper till it serves its purpose and goes back to the place from where it belongs.   
Yesterday Canadian-Pakistani national announced his retreat from the capital with promise of more “fun and drama” in every big city of Pakistan. Unfortunately we don’t have any system in the country to make him accountable for what he has done in the capital regardless of going into discussion of sitting government legitimacy. He should be trialed for loss of national income, restricting social life in the capital, damaging public property, reticulating national image and demise of “Pakistani” nationals.
This madness will be repeated now in all cities of Pakistan on the name of playing politics and exercising their right of assembly and speech. Is it not possible to define limits for the protest? Provide an equal space for the protesting population and those who wants to carry their ordinary life? Make political leaders accountable for every damage of public property? Bound the administration to provide an adequate security and movement plan for the marching peoples? Or should we wait for some “Aladdin” to take over the power and address all the issues at once.

Is not the time come to stop protesting through “illegal means” against “illegal regimes?”
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