Ngong Hills of Nairobi

Ngong Hills, approx. 2460m above sea level, are located at the distance of 22Km southwest of the Nairobi metropolitan. The mountains range is consisted of 7 small hills and a knukle-shaped Ngong hill is the highest point. The mountain give a fantastic view of the Nairobi city on one side while the other view run deep into the horizons of Masai Mara valley.
The area is very popular among the local and visitors for picnic, worship and sightseeing. Top at the mountains you will experience strong chilly winds, lovely clouds running at the top of your head and spectacular scenery at both side. Windmills and telecommunication towers installed at the mountain peaks give a nice blend to the green lush environment. 
 View of the Nairobi City from the Mountain top
 Windmill hiding behind the trees
 Standing tall to face the WINDs 
 A dusty path leading the to Ngong Hills 
Panoramic view of Nairobi city from different angel
 New addition to the windmill family system
 The clouds are running fast to catch the Mountaineers 
 Standing alone at the TOP!
 Running back to the BASE camp
Getting Aspirations: Looking back to the distance covered
 Nairobi CITY view
 Looking from the TOP
A spectacular view running deep into the Masai Mara Valley 
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