“UN” in Government Style

Yesterday one of my friend sent me a vacancy announcement and ask me to see if there is anything wrong with it. I click the link and it takes me to the UN Pakistan vacancy announcement site. I scroll down the ‘vacancy announcement’ he mentioned and start reading its details. It seems quite an interesting opportunity with good grade and being based in ‘strategic management unit’ offers a very progressive career in the sector. Suddenly requirement section caught my attention;


Really? is this realistic? will they offer the position to someone who has matriculation plus the required professional experience?

It seems like a mocking ‘advertisement’ quite in line with the government ‘vacancy announcement’ where a post is announced after identifying someone from the inner circle or close sources. Or this will be annoucned for someone who is quite near and dear in the office and the management want to squeeze the competition for the ‘buddy’. Who knows? But all options are acceptable and valid as its UN!

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2 Responses to “UN” in Government Style

  1. bswitaba says:

    A common phenomenon in Kenya as well. This many years of “Experience” lock out the youth. We believe job ads like this are a formality but in reality they target “already identified” candidates internally.

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